Awesome DFIR - Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Awesome DFIR - Digital Forensics & Incident Response

The definitive guide through the best articles, books, podcasts, tweets, tools, videos and newsletters to become a fantastic incident handler.

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Last update: @December 6, 2022


📚 DFIR Knowledge Base

Getting the right skills, processes and tools

Security Incident Management
Get Ready to Train Hard!
Playbooks Library
Digital Forensics
Incident Response in the Cloud
Vision and evolution of DFIR
Lessons Learned
DFIR Tooling

Understanding the threat

Malware Reverse Engineering
Threat Hunting & Detection techniques
Cyber Threat Intelligence

📚 Why we build this knowledge base

We love that today we can learn everything we need to be a fantastic incident responder: people are sharing what they know more than ever before, through articles, books, podcasts, tweets, newsletters and so much more. Thousands and thousands of pieces of content waiting for us.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Same here. It's a beautiful mess, but it's still a mess. Are we going through all the newsletters we've ever received when we need a quick tip about how to write a playbook? No one does that. That's why we want to help the community by finding all the best content out there, and organize it so it's actionable when we need it.

Grab a seat and follow the path! 🚒

👉 What you will find here

The point is that we reference everything here. Everything that has ever been created to make us great incident handlers:

  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters
  • Tools
  • Twitter threads
  • Videos
  • Courses
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Templates

You know another site referencing nice resources? We've probably referenced all their content here already (but send us the link just in case 😛).

👨‍🏭 How we do it

  • Ourselves! We're a small team of passionate cybersecurity folks who spend a significant amount of time watching everything happening on Twitter, Reddit, Hackers News and way too many blogs and newsletters.
  • We carefully curate the content and try our best to keep the knowledge base well-structured.

👏 Credits